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In the vast realm of affiliate marketing, finding the right program can be akin to discovering a hidden treasure trove. One such gem that stands out in the landscape of affiliate marketing is the ShareASale Affiliate Program. With its robust features, wide array of merchants, and lucrative opportunities, ShareASale has garnered the attention of both seasoned affiliate marketers and novices alike.

What is ShareASale and how does it work?

 in 2000, ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing network that allows you to find products to promote and earn commissions for each referral.

 can participate for free. Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber or content creator, this is the platform for you.
 are over 3,900 affiliate services online to choose from in 40 different categories, such as web hosting, parenting, clothing and dating services.
 you have an e-commerce store or your own products, you can register a free business account on ShareASale. This way you can spread the word by paying people to advertise it. In addition, ShareASale offers welcome materials and training webinars to help you create a successful affiliate marketing program.

 other words, ShareASale acts as an intermediary between affiliate marketers and sellers:

 Bloggers or content creators like you and me promote products and your I am writing reviews about you. Blog. We are rewarded with commissions for product recommendations.
 A business owner, creator, seller, or blogger who has products/services for sale. They plan to pay people to review and promote their products/services.

The best part about joining the ShareASale affiliate network is that you don’t need one or more websites to sign up and start making money blogging.

 is a great place to start when learning how to blog and make money from blogging.

 you can see, there are two groups of ShareASale users: affiliates and resellers. This guide is for bloggers who want to use ShareASale to monetize their blog.

If you’re ready to make big money with ShareASale, continue below:

Sign up for a free account with ShareASale here.

How to join the ShareASale Alliance Network

The process of creating a ShareASale account is very simple and straightforward. However, you must have a website to apply for an account on ShareASale.

 become an eligible affiliate, you must complete a simple 5-step affiliate registration process. Let’s get started

 Step 1: Create a ShareASale account.

Click here to sign up for a free account on ShareASale.
 the “Membership Registration” button at the top right on the home page or click the “I want to promote my business on my website” button.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick
  • A signup form will pop up which you need to fill out your login information such as username, new password and your country.
  • Once you complete the information, click “Move on to step 2” button.
How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

Step 2: Fill in your website information

This is a very important step as the merchant will decide whether to approve/reject your application to join their affiliate programs based on your primary website.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick
  • Make sure you enter a functional website in this step.
  • Next, select the language of your website.
  • Answer a few questions about your website. Check the box that applies to you.

Step 3: Enter your email address

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

To speed up the approval process, use an email account associated with your domain name, such as

Most web hosts will give you a free option to create an email using your domain URL, though some of them will charge you a fee.

You can get your free domain email address with popular web hosting providers such as BluehostHostGator and Siteground.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

Step 4: Your contact information

  • Next, fill in your contact information such as name, address, payment details.
  • You can see there’s a 4-digit support pin. Use this number to verify your account when you call them for assistance or technical support.
  • Write a concise and quality description of your website.

Step 5: Your payment information

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick
  • The last step is to choose your payment method. You can choose to accept payment via check or direct deposit.
  • If you can’t decide now, simply click “Choose later” to configure it later.
  • Click “Complete sign up” to submit your application.
  • You’ll then receive an email from ShareAShare, click on the confirmation link.

That’s it. Now you’re on your way to becoming an approved affiliate with ShareASale.

Next, you’ll need to find some amazing products to promote to your audience.

How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog

Once your application is approved, follow steps below to find a product related to your niche.

  1. Go to ShareASale website, click “Affiliate Login” and enter your login details.
  2. On your dashboard, go to “Merchants” then click “Search for Merchants”.How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog
  3. If you know the name of merchant that you want to join, then simply enter the name in the search box and click “Search”.
  4. If not, you can browse through the categories or enter a keyword into the search box.How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog
  5. Find the merchant, and click “Join Program”.
  6. After you read and agree to the program agreement, click “Join this program”.
  7. Now, wait for the email notifying you of your approval!

Here’s few affiliate programs on ShareAShare that you may like to join and promote:

How To Create an Affiliate Link from Shareasale

how to use ShareASale to make money blogging. Thinkmaverick

To start promoting a product, you’ll need to add link or banner to your blog.

  1. On your dashboard, hover your mouse over “Links” and click “Get a link/banner”.
  2. You’ll see a list of approved merchants.
  3. Select the merchant you want to promote, and click “Get links”.
  4. You’ll be taken to  a page where you can select Text Links, Banners, Create Customer Link etc.
  5. Here we want to get a text link, so click “Get HTML Code” and you will see a link that looks quite spammy (as in the screenshot below).how to use ShareASale to make money blogging. Thinkmaverick
  6. Tip: To shorten this link and make it looks more professional, use Pretty Links (a free WordPress plugin to shorten and organize your Affiliate links).
  7. As an example, this is my DMCA affiliate after using Pretty Link to clean it up:
  8. Once you’ve created your affiliate link, you can place them on your blog or website. The process is the same as adding any other links to your blog. Simply select the desired words and paste the link that you’ve created above.

How I Make Money from ShareASale

Here are a few tried-and-true techniques that I use to promote merchants on ShareASale and make money online:

1. Write a How-To Guide, Review or Article 
I like to write reviews, tutorials and helpful guides about products which I personally used on my blog. It’s a fun and easy way to earn some passive income from your blog.

You can also add some screenshots along with the written content. And don’t forget to include your unique affiliate link on your article. Whenever someone clicks on links from your page, it will be recorded in your affiliate account.

2. Create a Resource page on Your Blog

As you can see, I also have my resource page listed on the main menu bar of my blog. 

3. Use Banners, Widgets and Links

Aside from putting text links on your blog post, placing banners and widgets on your website/ blog will definitely increase visibility and click-through rates. Add a banner on your sidebar, within the content or anywhere that you see fit.

4. Social Media Marketing

If you think the product may be beneficial to your audience, tell the world about it on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

5. Email Marketing

Don’t forget to recommend the product to your email subscribers.


It’s easy to get started with ShareASale and start to monetize your websites. 

Do you have any problem or question following this tutorial to create your affiliates link on ShareAShare? Feel free to comment below.

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Note: Some links are affiliate links which means that I earn if you sign-up using my link at no additional cost to you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I get paid as an affiliate on ShareASale? As an affiliate, you can choose from various payment options offered by ShareASale, including direct deposit, paper check, or wire transfer.

2. Is there a cost to join the ShareASale Affiliate Program? No, joining the ShareASale Affiliate Program is free for affiliates. You only need to pay a nominal fee if you wish to become a merchant on the platform.

3. Can I promote multiple merchants on ShareASale simultaneously? Yes, you can promote products or services from multiple merchants within the ShareASale network, allowing you to diversify your revenue streams.

4. How often are commissions paid out to affiliates? ShareASale disburses affiliate commissions on a monthly basis, typically around the 20th of each month for the previous month’s earnings.

5. Does ShareASale provide customer support for affiliates? Yes, ShareASale offers dedicated customer support for affiliates, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly addressed for optimal user experience.

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